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Eliye Springs

Akili partners with small scale producers to realize improved production efficiencies and value addition benefits through an entire value chain focus.

About Eliye Springs

Eliye Springs, also known as Ille Springs, is a remote village on the western shore of Lake Turkana in Kenya, near the mouth of River Turkwel. It is located 50 kilometres west of Lodwar and 40 kilometres south of Kalokol.

Poverty levels (i.e. the number of people living below poverty line) in Eliye are estimated by the Kenya Bureau of Statistics at around 64-74%. The local people are of Turkana descent, and maintain a semi nomadic pastoralist lifestyle, with their young and older men moving with goats and camels in search of pasture, and returning back to the village when the weather becomes favorable. Illiteracy levels are also high.

The local springs for which it is named produce lush vegetation along its section of the otherwise barren lakeshore, and support a community of about 5000 people with fresh drinking water.

Akili has partnered with the Eliye Community, the National Christian Council of Kenya and Canada based volunteers linked to Partners Worldwide to implement a water bottling plant – targeting Lodwar and surrounding towns as the market for the product. Part of the income from the sales of bottle water (on a per bottle basis) will be used from commencement of the project to mobilize the community and support its members in the planting of beneficial plants, including nutrition-rich plants such as the Moringa, and trees that have leaves or ponds whose search for keeps the Turkana community’s boys out of school. So far over 12 tree species have been targeted for production including: Edome, ek alale, ewoi, esekon, ebei, engol, epuu, esanyanaeit, elim, ekadeli, ekunoit, epetet, ebenyo, edurukoit, eipa, elamach, epeduru etc.

This project is ongoing and open to accommodate more partners.