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Akili Group's Work in Kirinyaga County

Akili partners with small scale producers to realize improved production efficiencies and value addition benefits through an entire value chain focus.

About Kirinyaga County

The Akili Village Model as implemented in Gichugu Constituency

The (Kenya) County Governments Act 2012, 48 (1) states that each county government shall be decentralized to the urban areas, sub-counties, wards and to such number of village units in each county as may be determined by the county assembly of the respective county.

This new focus on ‘The Village’ that the country’s constitution supports has been demonstrated by Akili and the Private Sector Development Trust (PSDT) through a pilot implementation in Gichugu Constituency, and, after adoption by government, the model is now being rolled out in the entire Kirinyaga County.

The features of the village government model include:

  • A deepening of the Private Sector Stakeholder Partnership framework to the District, Ward, Village, Sub-village and Nyumba Kumi (ten household) levels
  • The creation of the village council comprising vetted and elected leaders in the village
  • Creation of stakeholder oversight committees for security, infrastructure, social audit, women, public health and youth affairs, at the village, ward and district levels
  • Creation of a District Security and Economic Development committee, chaired by a citizen and with the sub-county administrator as the convener

Benefits realized

The implementation of the pilot model of the sub-county framework has demonstrated that:

  • The model has been very effective in the fight against crime.
  • Empowered, the citizens are more effective in the enforcement of government policies
  • Self-regulation is very effective in ensuring compliance of the law within sectors (boda bodas, matatus, licensing), repayment of group-linked loans and adherence to production guidelines
  • Organized, an entire community is able to implement large scale, value-chain linked abd profitable production, eg beekeeping, horticulture, dairy, fish farming, with government or financiers funding the supporting infrastructure.

Akili’s partnerships with other communities will be modeled around this successful pilot. If your community is ready for us,