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Our Approach

Akili dreams of a transformed Kenya in which small scale producers can support themselves from the work that they do.

Akili’s focus in agriculture is on created additional value in selected, widely practiced agricultural activities:


Our focus in the coffee value chain is in three arenas:

  • Facilitating producers to access high quality seedlings
  • Linking farmers to direct marketing avenues in (currently) the USA and Germany.
  • Assisting producers to progressively convert their production into organic coffee, which fetches better prices
  • Akili’s Coffee Brand, Hawa.

Moringa Oleifera

We partner with farmers to grow and pack Moringa oleifera leaf and seeds for direct marketing. Moringa leaves, pods and seeds are highly nutritious in protein, calcium, potassium, Zinc and other micro nutrients. This plant alone is capable of completely eradicating malnutrition in a community.

Akili’s Moringa Brand: Moringa NutriLeaf


Akili partners with farmers to access high quality seedlings and inputs, then helps them extend the outputs from bananas by facilitating in the conversion the banana trunk into marketable products, such as fibre to to producting coffee packaging bags.


Outward:Akili partners with communities in the value addition of milk into high value products, such as packed milk, yoghurt and cheese. Inwardly, Akili partners with dairy professionals to volunteer time and skills to facilitate breed improvement and husbandry improvement to requesting dairy groups.

Akili’s dairy brands: Yogi; Ziwa; Tasty